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Sunday 2 November 2003 - Pease Pottage Moto service station

This event was one day earlier than last year and what a difference a day makes; November the 1st was the last day of a glorious summer, the 2nd was the first day of winter when about 20 mm of rain fell during the morning and inundating the eighteen drivers who arrived in their club cars.

Senior members showed a distinct reluctance to get their club cars dirty. The Chairman came in a Toyota, the Secretary devised a canny scheme and came with Fred Fruth in the latest company Phantom and the webmaster in a midget submarine yellow MG. Nevertheless we all felt sorry for ourselves until we saw the participants in the veteran cars, and particularly for a lady sitting in the front in a basket - at least it was self-draining.

I found myself answering questions from the general public about the new Phantom and most people winced when told the price and retreated to the restaurant for coffee; where they joined our members. I must thank the wet marshals Ted, Simon and Andrew for their assistance, and Mr Harry Satharnandam the General Manager of Moto and his staff for making us welcome. Next year it will be finer!

Michael Marriage - Section Treasurer

1901 Adler   Reflections
John Hankin's 1901 Adler Vis-à-Vis.   Fred Fruth brought the new Phantom to head up the varied display of club cars.
1904 Berliet and 1904 Panhard et Levassor   1904 Talbot and 1904 CeDion Bouton
J Tanner's 1904 Berliet passing J Marsh's 1904 Panhard et Levassor.   P Garner's 1904 Talbot and C Jowsey's 1904 De Dion Bouton.
1904 Bayard   1904 Lacoste et Battman   1903 Renault   1904 Richard-Brasier
1904 Bayard 10hp Tonneau.   1904 Lacoste et Battman.   1903 Renault Landaulette.   1904 Richard-Brasier.
1903 Maxim   No 260   1904 Peugeot   1903 Malicet et Blin
Ian Strang's 1903 Maxim.       Bob Smith's 1904 Peugeot.   1903 Malicet et Blin.
1903 Argyll   1903 Peerless   Henrietta
Antony Young's 1903 Argyll.   Malcolm Barber's 1903 Peerless.    
1902 Darracq   1902 MMC   1904 Panhard et Levassor
Helen Hudson's 1902 Darracq Tonneau.   Henry Lawson's 1902 MMC Tonneau.   Robert Vincent's 1904 Panhard et Levassor.
Photos: Ian Burt