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Sunday 16 August 2009

The Chairman and Committee of the South Eastern Region of The Bentley Drivers' Club welcomed all members of the RREC to join them at this event. Unfortunately this date clashed with an RREC meeting at Bentley so, the RREC was not terribly well represented, but there were a few, including some RREC members or rather cars, that I had not seen before.

It was an interesting experience, and the BDC members were extremely welcoming, showing great interest in 'Angela', my 20/25, which was parked somewhat obviously right in the middle of the event. She was next to a blue two-seater Bentley, a 1927 3/4.5 litre car with Corsica body and with many past racing wins to its credit, belonging to the organiser of the event, Clive 'Racey' Bracey.

GY 897 is a truly amazing motor car. She is a 5 litre Blower Bentley beautifully presented and unbelievably, recently recreated, a replica in other words, with R-Type Bentley running gear, and owned by Guy Talbot.

I think we should try and organise a meet with the BDC next year perhaps, in plenty of time, to avoid a clash of event interests.

Chris Tween - Section Member

Clive Bracey's 1927 3/4.5 litre Bentley and Chris Tween's 1931 RR 20/25,
posed by Clive Bracey and Peter Waller.
  Guy Talbot's 5 litre Blower Bentley, a replica
with R-Type Bentley running gear.