Priory Park Chichester

Enclosed on two sides by Chichester's imposing Roman city walls, Priory Park is a flourishing public space.
Home to several sports clubs, it's a regular sight to see a game of cricket, bowls on the green or every Sunday morning at 9 am, there's a junior 2k park run.
Boasting an on-site café with evening restaurant, well-equipped children’s play area, with a large sand pit, an aviary and large open grass area, Priory Park provides a beautiful oasis in the heart of Chichester's city centre.

Priory Park has a rich past, holding three scheduled monuments; the city walls, The Guildhall and the remains of a Norman motte. The park was generously gifted to the people of Chichester in 1918 by the 7th Duke of Richmond and Gordon. The gift was to be used both for leisure and as a memorial to the fallen in the First World War. 100 years on and Priory Park is still a much-cherished space for the people of Chichester with work continuing to uncover its ancient secrets. In 2018 local archaeologists returned to the park to continue a dig to unearth part of a Roman Bath-House.

There is no charge to visit Priory Park.

Well-equipped children's play area
Open grass areas

There main entrance to Priory Park is at the end of Guildhall Street, off North Street. There are a very limited number of Pay & Display car park spaces outside the park. The large Northgate Car Park is within easy walking distance.