Key questions to consider before you commit.

So, the big question has been popped and now you’re looking to plan your big day. With so many things to organise, finding the perfect Chichester wedding venue can seem like a colossal task. There are so many beautiful and unusual wedding venues around Chichester to choose from, just where should you start? Before you get stuck into the search, we've put together a few key questions that you might want to think about before you commit.

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Unless you are so in love with your chosen venue that you're prepared to carry out a guest list cull to fit everyone in; you'll first need to think about how many people you're planning to invite. Most venues will have a maximum, and a minimum number of guests they can accommodate, and finding out your magic guest list number early on, can help narrow down the search.


Sadly, we don't all have a budget like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to spend, and in the real-world, budgeting for your big day is crucial to ensuring the finances don't slip away.
Decide ahead of visiting your short-listed venues, just how and where you want to spend your budget; will it be on a towering cake, a stunning floral display or posh champagne? Deciding on and sticking to a budget ahead of visiting your venue will help you avoid overspending and needing to compromise on other areas of your big day.

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No doubt, when looking around prospective wedding venues you'll be wistfully dreaming of where you'll take, and how you'll look in those all-important wedding photographs. With more couples opting for a more natural style of photography to record their special day, the photojournalistic approach to documenting those precious moments is becoming more and more popular. Which is great news when it comes to choosing your ideal Chichester wedding venue as finding that all important spot for the perfectly posed photo may not be so important.


Have you always dreamt of arriving at your wedding by horse and carriage? Or are you resolutely set on having a vintage theme or do you desperately want your favourite band to play your first dance? Having an idea of how you want your wedding to look is an important consideration when approaching wedding venues you're keen on. Ask if they can provide the catering, flowers and look that you're thinking of? Do they have restrictions on music or other entertainment? Can they accommodate the grand gestures you're planning on surprising your guests with; releasing doves, fireworks or a belly dancing display, finding out these answers early on could save you heartache if your chosen venue can't fulfil your dreams.

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All practicalities aside, you need to be in love with the wedding venue you choose. In fact, you'll probably spend more time speaking to them about arrangments ahead of your big day than you will with your fiance! So ask those questions, think about the details, manage that budget carefully and enjoy the search.