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The Walls were originally five metres high and behind there were earth banks. Four gates allowed access to the city; north gate, south gate, east gate and west gate. These gates were removed at the end of the 18th century, and promenades were added on top of the ramparts.   NE quadrant plaque.
The Walls stand tall.   Steps at East Walls.
The Roman Walls stand tall after nearly two thousand years and have an impressive grandeur when viewed from the outside.   From Priory Road climb the steps to the East Walls, or you can walk along the pavement at the foot of the Walls.
Steps at East Row.   The Walls at Eastgate.
A flight of stone steps opposite East Row. The tunnel leads through to New Park Road and The Square, Eastgate.   East Walls descends to street level at Eastgate Square. Opposite, what remains of the Walls here continues, hidden from view.
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