RREC Central Southern Section

12 July 1920 - 15 May 2007
Peggy was born and brought up in Portsmouth. After her schooling, in the early years, she worked for a wholesale grocery firm by the name of Reeves. She married and had one daughter, Margaret, who now lives in Plymouth. Her first marriage was not a success and she later married a master builder, Ernest Sadler. Unfortunately he died in 1981. In 1968 Peggy and 'Sadler' (as he was known) joined the RREC after having bought a new Silver Shadow with a bespoke colour of two shades of green. Had she lived another year she would have received her 40-year badge. Peggy did the job of Secretary and Chairman of the Central Southern Section in the early 80's and remained an active member of the Section until she sold her car about six years ago - although still came to some events in her more practical Ford Escort. Her Rolls was garaged some distance from where she lived and she started having some mobility problems.

Besides her involvement with our Club she was a County badminton player being the Secretary for forty years of the District Badminton Association - she was awarded the Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal in 1977 and a long service award by the International Badminton Association. She travelled widely on holiday including a trip on Concorde as well as world cruises. Besides enjoying light music such as Gilbert and Sullivan and Lloyd-Webber she was a member of Portsmouth's Ladies Luncheon Club and the Naval Base Club. I have only known Peggy for the past fifteen years or so but she was a positive and independent lady who had lots of common sense and was always well organised and supportive of others. We shall miss her.

Tony Leach - Section Chairman