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Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Plant - 23 November 2002
Rolls-Royce plant nearing completion

Rolls-Royce plant revisited
Photos: Ian Burt  
The weather for the photo shoot on 25 November 2001 was very grey, wet and miserable. The weather first thing, almost one year later, was just the same! However, six stalwart driver enthusiasts still turned out in their motor cars to take the second (in a series?) photograph at the new Goodwood manufacturing plant of Rolls-Royce motor cars. The photo shoot had been kindly set up through the good offices of Fred Fruth, General Manager Public Affairs, Project Rolls-Royce.

Since the first photo shoot Doug Groves had part exchanged his 20/25 for an R type with the Real Car Company in North Wales. They had sold 'Old Groves' to Chris Bomford (Oxford Section) and so DG contacted Chris to ask him if he would attend. Chris was very keen but in the week before the shoot, was a little unsure if he could participate healthwise. Rod Goodall had moved house to deepest Devon but the 'Duke' still lived at Little Stammerham Farm. In order to get exactly the same Club cars it was arranged that DG would drive TM's 20/25 (as he is insured so to do). TM would drive RG's Silver Spirit (as he is insured so to do). Ian Burt (Silver Shadow) and Paul Capper (Phantom VI) would attend again and in case CB was not well enough to attend, Maurice Pitchford had agreed to be on hand in his similar 20/25. All six Club cars arrived, from different directions, at the entrance to the construction site at virtually the same time to be greeted by the familiar 'Sorry, don't know anything about it'. However, Security and the builders proved very helpful. The two-storey vantage point for the first photo shoot had disappeared but we were prepared with our own step ladder to surmount a container occupying roughly the same position to gain elevation. We began to line up the 'famous five' in virtually the same position as the previous year (avoiding the parked non-club cars) when the builders then offered their 'cherry picker' as the vantage point. The offer was accepted and accordingly the self-propelled, elevating platform hoist drove into position and photographs were taken of the same five cars with quite a different backdrop this time. Although our journeys to the plant were in very heavy rain it stayed dry from our arrival and incredibly the cloud cleared to give brilliant sunshine (on the righteous?). Further photographs were taken with MP's 20/25 taking up position No 6.

Thanks to everyone for turning out.

Ted Meachem - Section Secretary