RREC Central Southern Section


During discussions at the SoE meeting of the 'five' Sections at the 2001 Club Conference it was suggested that one of the possible venues for 2003 might be the proposed Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Plant at Goodwood. It was felt that it would be most appropriate to hold the SoE Rally at the new home of the manufacture of Rolls-Royce motor cars in its first year of production. This was, of course, providing that the planning application by BMW Group Project R-R was successful. The progress of this is recorded on other pages of this website and was indeed successful.

The idea was first proposed to Fred Fruth (General Manager Public Affairs Project R-R) at the 2001 SoE Chaterhouse Rally. Quiet discussions have proceeded over the last year culminating in discussions with Fred and also Axel Osterling (Head of Marketing Project R-R) at the Festival of Speed in July 2002.

We have now heard from Project R-R that they will be delighted to host the R-REC South of England Rally at the new home of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars at Goodwood on Sunday 18 May 2003.

Ted Meachem - Secretary