RREC Central Southern Section

8 June 2002

Goodwood, Chichester. With the completion on plan of major areas of the all new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and head office for the future Rolls-Royce motor car company, specialist staff have moved in to set up their respective work areas and have started work on the first example of the new luxury four-door saloon to be hand built at Goodwood.

Over 250 people of Project Rolls-Royce are now located at the new premises and are involved in the final stages of preparations for the 'Goodwood Era' for Rolls-Royce motor cars. All of the departments for the new business are now directly supporting the new facilities at Goodwood. Meanwhile local recruitment continues with over 100 new craftspeople and professionals already working in the project team. A further 100 will join over the next few months.

The new motor car, designed in London in 1999, will be hand built to individual customer requirements in the UK starting in January 2003. The manufacturing process at Goodwood includes important areas such as wood and leather shops where skilled people are already crafting parts and matching sets for each motor car. Goodwood will become a Centre of Excellence for coachbuilding in the true Rolls-Royce tradition.

Alongside this human expertise the new facilities at Goodwood also feature some of the world's most modern high technology manufacturing processes. For instance the latest environmentally friendly water-soluble paint materials will be used in the Surface Technology Centre where the trials for the computerised spraying process are now underway.

The entire manufacturing and engineering resources of the BMW Group have been available to the Project Rolls-Royce team. In specific areas the respective Centres of Competence within BMW Group have been selected by the project team to supply Goodwood with some of the most advanced and complex components in the automotive world. For instance, the new motor car will have an all new space frame aluminium body and a unique V12 engine, both hand built by skilled technicians and delivered to Goodwood.

Said Tony Gott, Director of the Project and head of the future Rolls-Royce motor car company which will be established at the end of 2002: 'With the relocation of the project team to Goodwood the focal point is now at its final destination at the future head office of Rolls-Royce motor cars in West Sussex. Significantly, the production of the very first car for training purposes at the new manufacturing plant starts a new chapter in the history of the world's most prestigious motor car'.

Fred Fruth - General Manager, Public Affairs, BMW Group, Project Rolls-Royce