RREC Central Southern Section

Wednesday 13 February 2002

Held at The Ship Hotel, Chichester, the meeting hosted a presentation by BMW Group Project Rolls-Royce. The presentation was given by Fred Fruth (General Manager, Public Affairs), Martin Lewis (Technical Purchasing, Non-Production) and Peter Randall (HR Manager).

Fred spoke first and ran briefly over the progress of the Project from the time of the sale of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars by Vickers plc to the Volkswagen Group. It was one year to the exact day that I was first invited by Ian and Jennifer Burt to attend the Chamber meeting at which Fred and Carsten Pries (and the Architects for Project Rolls-Royce) gave details of their proposals and planning application for a new manufacturing plant and Head Office at Goodwood (a report on that meeting can be found earlier on the News section of this website). In addition to other information Fred said that following the successful planning application construction work at the site was proceeding well and on time. The steelwork structure was virtually complete now and the cladding work had started. This means that the facility will, no doubt, be ready for car related work in the autumn.

Martin Lewis said that he had spent forty-two years in purchasing and described the BMW policy on purchasing which required quality and value in all aspects of performance. He said the company did not advertise for suppliers but invited members of the Chamber to contact him with regard to non-production supplies.

Peter Randall spoke of the Project's close training involvement with the local education establishments. He also said that recruitment of local staff members was well underway with more than two thousand applications received up to date.

There were some questions from the floor and also a hearty endorsement of the Project's aims and achievements to date.

The previous day, the Goodwood site had been visited by Peter Baines and John Clough from Hunt House along with Fred Haughtey, the Federal President of the R-ROC of Australia.

Ted Meachem - Secretary