RREC Central Southern Section

Latest update following the article in our April Magazine

On behalf of the Section Tony Leach and Ted Meachem attended a most enjoyable and successful Club Conference over the weekend of 17-18 March 2001. The General Secretary says that Hunt House has received many letters, emails and facsimiles of congratulation, many saying 'Best ever' and words to that effect. A full report on the Conference will, no doubt, appear in Bulletin 246. However...

One of the highlights of this year's Conference was an hour-long presentation by Fred Fruth, the Communications Director for the BMW Project Rolls-Royce, at the invitation of the Management Committee. There were many interesting points that came out of this presentation which had been prepared exclusively for the Conference delegates.

• Formal consideration of the planning application by Chichester District Council has been temporarily postponed to allow time for a response from the Environment Agency on additional information submitted (by Project R-R). They are reviewing the proposal and its impact on the local water environment, following the recent exceptional rainfall and a rise in the local ground water levels, with the aid of computer generated modelling.

• Representatives visited 10 Downing Street on Friday 16 March to give the government an update on the current status of the Project. This is of course in the light of the proposed general election, when government will be very quiet for a month or so, possibly slowing down any decisions/consultation with the Department of the Environment.

• A preliminary Project R-R office is opening in April 2001 and newly appointed staff are already undergoing training.

• It was emphasised that the project and the motor car was indeed a Rolls-Royce in its own right not just a re-modelled BMW. Certainly expertise but virtually no BMW components would be used.

• Fred Fruth is currently in our area giving presentations to interested parties and trying to dispel some mis-information which has appeared in the national and local Press.

Ted Meachem - Secretary