RREC Central Southern Section
Past Events

25 February - 16 March 2005

Our gallant chairman and his lady wife together with Andrew Honour, Nigel and Linda Bulpitt (plus Izzy Bear) and I represented Central Southern Section on the recent three week RREC Tour of Borneo. No less than seventy Club cars from all eras ranging from a 1912 Ghost to a new Goodwood Phantom (from Singapore) made the three week voyage from Southampton to Kuching prior to embarking on the 1200 kilometre road journey across the Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah via the sovereign Sultanate of Brunei culminating at Kota Kinabalu. The event was expertly organised by Central Southern section member Peter Cameron ably assisted by Eri Heilijgers, former Club Chairman and Management Committee member.

In such a hot country where the average daily temperature nudged 33C with high humidity to match, we were fortunate enough to be staying at some of the most luxurious five star hotels and resorts imaginable including the spectacular Empire Hotel and Country Club in Brunei the latter claiming no less than seven stars (no not the hostelry by the same name!).

Throughout the tour we were greeted by friendly and enthusiastic people all anxious for a glimpse of our motor cars. Indeed we displayed our vehicles at a series of venues where, on each occasion, we were mobbed for autographs and photographs by large crowds of the local populace. We were also treated to several glittering state dinners by the Chief Ministers and members of the government of the states through which we passed. In our leisure time, many of us made guided ventures into the lush Borneo jungle and were rewarded with many wonderful sights and sounds of wild places including enormous cave systems, twisting rivers, soaring mountains and exotic flora and fauna.

Through the sale of our photographic programmes we hope to have raised a considerable sum for local charities in Borneo. A fitting way to commemorate our spectacular three-week tour.

Simon Buck - Section Committee Member

Kuching, Borneo.
Borneo ferry
Simon disembarks from a Borneo ferry.
Cars on display
Cars on display in Brunei.
The Empire Hotel
Tony, Daphne and Simon at The Empire Hotel, Brunei.
Kuching start
Flagging off ceremony, Kuching.
Display of cars
Display of cars in Borneo.
Locals and the Bulpitt's car.
Cultural dancers.
Linda signs
Linda signs for the police. Photos: Andrew Honour