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Bognor Regis - Sunday 6 March 2005

Sixty-seven members and their guests arrived at the Royal Norfolk Hotel in Bognor Regis on a bright, dry but bitterly cold March Sunday. Although we were right on the seafront it definitely was not a day for having a paddle. A fine display of cars soon appeared on the lawn outside the Hotel and throughout the day a steady trickle of well wrapped up passers-by were seen admiring them while we were keeping warm inside. Some members, alas, left their Club Cars at home. Chess and Kaz, on the other hand, ignored the weather and arrived from the depths of Hampshire in their Silver Ghost - a car without a heater. Brrrrr. I gather that Kaz relied upon strategically placed hot water bottles to make life bearable. How times have changed. Several members had brought their mothers, it being Mothering Sunday and this made it much more of a happy family event than usual.

We were very pleased to welcome Jane Pedler, Chairman of the R-REC, and her husband Rob. We hope they enjoyed themselves and will join us again in the not too distant future.

The Hotel served us an excellent Sunday lunch in our private dining room and all too soon, it was time for us to leave for home. Before we did so, however, our Secretary completed our enjoyment of the day by entertaining everyone with a demonstration of how to change a front wheel of 'The Duchess', his 20/25, as a puncture had made its presence felt while we were eating.

David Steel - Section Committee Member

Royal Norfolk Hotel
The Royal Norfolk Hotel on the seafront at Bognor Regis.
Michael Barnes' Bentley   Ted changing front wheel
Michael Barnes' newly acquired Bentley Continental.   The offending puncture. Photos: Ian Burt