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Section rally at Pease Pottage service station - Sunday 7 November 2004

A total of twenty-eight cars visited our reserved area, an excellent turn out after last year's deluge. We were pleased to see our local Ghost in the form of Chess Ferrier, accompanied by two Phantoms, one with Paul Capper 'flying the flag' and a magnificent Phantom II driven by Mike Whittemore which was far too big for its parking bay. Also six 20s or 20/25s including a stunning yellow model driven by a newcomer to our club, Peter Mace. As for Bentley SIs, a complete rarity - only one!

My duties as BW for the event were much easier than last year because the weather was kinder but I did spend some time trying to stop stray cars parking in our area. A driver of a beautiful TC MG when asked if he would kindly move, removed his headgear and was obviously in need of the rest room and stayed a while; whilst a 1904 Panhard Levasseur was also pleased to have reached paradise but had difficulty in restarting. Another, this time a small Austin 7, was asked to repark a few yards further on, called me 'snotty', a term not used in deference to me since my naval days.

Once again we all enjoyed the venue and extend our thanks to Harry Sathanandum and his staff for reserving our parking area.

Michael Marriage - Section Treasurer

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Section member Sue Norwood, normally seen driving her Ghost. Photos: Michael Marriage and Andrew Honour