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Sunday 26 September 2004

Altogether sixteen Club cars assembled in front of the ancient Marwell Hall which is situated in the middle of the Zoological Park at Marwell, near Winchester. Many members had brought grand-children to enjoy the delights of the exotic animals and birds. Some members took picnics by their cars in the warm sunshine whilst others used the restaurants in the grounds. It was an enjoyable meet - very peaceful - apart from noisy animals - possibly the noisiest being the 'Homo sapiens' of the RREC who always enjoy each other's company.

Daphne Leach - Member

Marwell Hall   Picnic at the Hall
The beautiful Marwell Hall which dates from 1313. A grand setting for our picnic.
Flamingo   Tiger   Zebra
Caribbean flamingo.   Ivan the tiger.   Zebra.
Giraffe   Ostrich   Gazelle   Ring-tailed lemur
Giraffe.   Ostrich.   Gazelle.   Ring-tailed lemur.
White rhinocerous   Ruffed lemur   Red-ruffed lemur   White-faced saki
White rhinocerous.   Ruffed lemur.   Red-ruffed lemur.   White-faced saki.
Photos: Ian Burt