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Sunday 15 August 2004

Goodwood House is the magnificent ancestral home of the Duke of Richmond and Gordon. Now the home of 'Freddie' Earl of March, my favourite family tale involves the Duke receiving two breakfasts in his room when staying alone at a hotel. On querying this with room service, he was told one was for him and the other for 'Gordon'...

Although we did not have to suffer quite the same monsoon conditions as at Petworth some weeks earlier, the weather conditions at this picnic event for the twenty-three Club cars displayed around the coach circle in front of the house, resulted in some soggy sandwiches and several damp members. Thankfully we were all in sprinting distance of the House and were able to enjoy the glories of the many magnificent rooms, paintings and warmth therein.

But rejoice! Customer care standards are alive and kicking at Goodwood! BW1 (who will remain nameless but it is an honour to know him) left his glasses in the loo while 'putting his eyes in'. On his telephoning Goodwood House the next day in a state of some distress, said spectacles were located, cocooned in bubble-wrap and delivered by first-class post none the worse for their experience to BW1's front door the next morning.

Simon Buck - Section Committee Member

Display of our cars.
Goodwood House
  Display of our Club cars in front of Goodwood House. Photos: Ian Burt