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Sunday 18 April 2004

Only eleven club cars were in evidence on our second visit to the Spur Hotel and a bright green Derby Bentley driven by Darren Collins and his son Adam was the unusual car of the day. But members were not too interested in hanging around the car park as the weather threatened another April shower and they retreated to the bar to get on with the purpose of the visitū- to bowl down those skittles.

Michael Buck was the most senior member presentū(we don't disclose ages in case of contravening the Data Protection Act) and his style of bowling made a clear impression on six year old Adam, so much so that he copied it and both players avoided any wooden spoon awards. Barry Jones proved to be the most feared skittler of the day and staggered off with a bottle of white wine, and Ann Bray the most accurate lady winning a bottle of red. Husband John Bray may well beat her in the longer term with the wooden spoon which was his achievement.ūThe ladies had a play-off for their wooden spoon and Sue Batchelor knocked down eight out of nine thereby winning (sounds a bit Irish?).

Club records need accurate statistics and here they are: Green Team: 221 knocked over and winning a bag of Maltesers (each!), Red: 206, Yellow: 205, and Blue: 199. We consumed 21 plates of roast beef, 11 plates of chicken, 7 spinach cannelloni, and 4 mushroom stroganoffs.

My thanks go to the four team captains, Simon, Andrew, David, and Ticker for keeping the bowls flowing. The most exercised members were the 'sticker uppers'. Over 800 skittles had to be put up, and Ray Thatcher, Ann Steel, Simon Buck and Michael Barnes as well as others did more than their fair share; my thanks to them.

Michael Marriage - Section Treasurer

The Spur Hotel   Derby Bentley
Awaiting opening time at The Spur.   Interest in Darren Collins' Derby Bentley.
Michael Marriage   Jennifer Burt   Barry Jones and Dennis Windows
Bowling down those skittles: Michael Marriage, Jennifer Burt, Barry Jones (eventual winner) watched by Dennis Windows.   Photos: Ian Burt