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Sunday 10 August 2003

What a day we had! It was indeed a day to be remembered, with all the right ingredients for such an occasion; super weather, super flying, excellent food and above all, great company.

Assembling at Ace Aviation HQ from 10.30am onwards, and with all vehicles smartly parked in admirable display, we first enjoyed coffee in the flight lounge before being discharged to our various appointments. Our flying and tour programmes both commenced promptly at 11.30am and flying members soon found that the aircraft allocated for the day were the new Cessna 172 types. These were four-seaters (the two-seater being out of service) and really were superbly comfortable airplanes and easy to fly.

Many members were allowed to take the controls and it was a joy to see the sheer bliss on their faces when they returned to the lounge. Secretary Ted was especially thrilled, being allowed not only to take off but to land the plane as well! Well, we knew he was good! It was nice to see a number of the ladies enjoying the flying experience too, and any trepidation that might have been felt prior to flying was soon dispelled.

Flights carried on until about 4.30pm by which time most of the surrounding countryside from Brighton to Worthing and beyond had been viewed in near perfect conditions. And so to the tours which, as usual, proved to be quite fascinating for the forty-five members who followed our very interesting and well informed guide, one David Dunstall, through the various sections of the airport and hangers that are open to visitors. David has been doing this job for a long time now and, as one of the leading archivists at Shoreham Airport, there is little he doesn't know about this long- established airfield.

One hesitates to complain about the weather when the sun is shining but in these record-breaking conditions it was almost too hot, and lunchtime from 1-2pm came as a welcome break, when we enjoyed a glass (or two) of wine and the excellent and varied buffet lunch provided by the airport caterers.

Although we all found the aircraft etc very interesting, there was reciprocal interest shown by the flight personnel in our cars too, which they found impressive. So, a good time was had by all and it just remains to thank all members who supported this event, and a 'thank you' too to all who helped on the day to make it a success, including the catering staff and in particular our hosts at Ace Aviation who went to such great efforts to make our day enjoyable. They certainly seemed to enjoy our visit as much as we did.

Maurice Pitchford and Doug Groves

Shoreham Airport
The main terminal building, one of the oldest still in operation.
Worthing   Shoreham
An aerial view of Worthing Pier.
Taken whilst Ron Biggles McAllister was at the controls.
  A glorious day showing the beautiful sandy beaches around
Shoreham and Worthing. Taken during Captain Meachem's flight.
Photos: Kanchu McAllister