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Past Events

Tuesday 22 April 2003

Seventy years on from his passing, forty members in around nineteen Club cars gathered in Elms Lane on a dry, sunny Tuesday morning to remember the life and achievements of Sir Henry Royce.

At 11.45am on the roadside by the plaque on the front wall of Elmstead, the Secretary welcomed all present. The Reverend Clifford Hankins said prayers and gave thanks for Sir Henry's life and work.

Following the short service of remembrance we adjourned to Hattons, home of members David and Jackie Gray, next door to Elmstead West. Once again splendid refreshments were served in the courtyard garden during which time some members took the opportunity to see Sir Henry's workshop and the other commemorative plaque. We thanked our hosts and presented a bouquet of flowers to Jackie.

There was a good cross section of Club cars (from 1924 to 1997), some parked in the drive of Hattons, some parked in the drive of Elmstead West, some parked in the drives of neighbours as well as those parked on the road. David Gray had kindly contacted the Landlord and so we were expected at the Old House At Home in West Wittering village. Most of our motor cars were parked off the road and we all sat down for lunch (and the odd swift half) in the lounge restaurant.

Ted Meachem - Section Secretary

Drinks at Hattons   Keith Jay's 20hp
Enjoying drinks and conversation on the lawn at Hattons.   Keith Jay's RR 20hp Doctor's Coupe in front of Elmstead.
Hattons, HR's Workshop   David and Jackie Gray with Ted Meachem
Chess Ferrier's RR Ghost in the foreground at Hattons. Sir Henry's workshop is on the left and his home, Elmstead, in the background.   Our hosts at Hattons, David and Jackie Gray, with Ted Meachem.
Photos: Kanchu McAllister and Ian Burt