RREC Central Southern Section
Past Events

Sunday 19 June 2016

At one extreme of our Central Southern Section is Bentley Wildfowl. We visit this venue fairly regularly and if the weather is favourable, as it was this day, it is an interesting venue with both wildlife and a motor museum to keep us entertained.

Section numbers were fewer than hoped for, but nonetheless the diehards were evident, together with some very welcome newcomers, Mr & Mrs Reekie plus guests, in their recently acquired Bentley Sl, and Mr Peter Carpenter in a 1931 Rolls 20/25 UD 4472. The latter having journeyed from Reading so a round trip of about 160 miles. Take note those who winge at thirty miles! Now there is a true enthusiast.

It was a splendid day despite our being well and truly usurped in numbers by the Volvo Owners' Car Club. Not actually counted but in excess of forty cars easily.

Chris Tween - Section Chairman