RREC Central Southern Section
Past Events

Chichester Park Hotel, Chichester - Sunday 6 December 2015

Section AGM
Photo: Ian Burt
Just over ninety members arrived to be greeted by coffee/tea and hot mince pies.

The formal meeting started at 11.30am and after welcoming everybody Chairman Chris Tween asked RREC Deputy Chairman Johan Vanden Bergh to present long service badges: Forty year to Ann Bray; Thirty year to Adrienne Grew and Ben Grew; Twenty year to Dennis 'Ticker' Windows.

Ann Bray   Adrienne Grew and Ben Grew   Dennis Windows
Photos: Peter Allchurch

The Secretary, Ted Meachem, then read out a list of 'Apologies for Absence' from members unable to attend including several members who had to cancel at the last minute. He also announced that long-time member of the Club and Section Peter Seamer had passed away in the middle of November. Unfortunately Jennifer Burt (the wife of our Webmaster Ian) was unable to attend because she was in St Wilfrid's Hospice. Ted went on to say that Roy Farmer had donated a framed 'Silver Ghost' mirror, Dave Carpenter had donated a signed copy of his book 'Below the Waterline', the Chichester Park Hotel had donated two tickets for the 2016 Festival of Speed, Robin Brailey had donated a bottle of champagne, RRMC had donated a couple of 'Wraith' ties (although they didn't know it!) and there were several other items. It was decided to hold a raffle during the Christmas Lunch and to send the proceeds to St Wilfrid's Hospice (with Jennifer in mind). More on this later.

The Secretary said that the minutes of the 2014 AGM had been previously circulated and asked if it was the meeting's wish that he should ask the Chairman to sign these as being a true record. The motion was proposed by John Bray and seconded by Robin Brailey. Carried nem con. The minutes were duly signed. There were no matters arising.

Chris said a special thank you to all the committee members for organising events. He especially thanked Robin Brailey and Peter Allchurch for organising the highly successful Boppard Rally (in both enjoyment and financial terms). He continued by reporting on some of the other 2015 events including the International Weekend. Chris went on to explain that the committee were quite concerned about the possible (financial) situation that might arise through a member's cancellation or non-attendance after paying for an event (particularly our own annual rally). The committee were therefore formulating a new, simple set of terms to cover any such situation.

Secretary Ted began his report with an explanation of the name codes on the alphabetical listing of members' lunch menu choices that would be shown on the dining tables. He said that the response to the 2016 Contribution request had been marvellous with 130 members donating over £2,500 to date (slightly up on last year).

He thanked and congratulated our webmaster, Ian Burt, on maintaining 'probably the best Section Website'. He went on to say that the main Club had gone through a stormy period three or four years ago but since the 2014 AGM and Conference great improvements had been made in the execution and running of the Club's business and activities. He said that much of this improvement was due to the considerable amount of work put in by Club Chairman Duncan Feetham and Deputy Chairman Johan who was with us today.

Ted said that the draft programme for 2016 had been distributed to the meeting and particularly mentioned the proposed 'Behind the Scenes' visit to the Beaulieu National Motor Museum; the South of England Rally at Bradfield College and the RREC CSS MMT run by BW BG. He thanked the BW's and the other 'unsung heroes' for their work in organising events. Ted said that he, Robin and Gary would be going to the Club Conference next year and asked to be advised of any topics that members would like raised.

Treasurer Tony Leach confirmed that the published Section draft accounts had been examined, updated and approved by Nigel Bulpitt and signed copies were now available. It was proposed that the accounts be adopted and the Examiner re-appointed, proposed by Peter Waller and seconded by Dennis Windows. Carried nem con.

Peter Allchurch, Robin Brailey, Darren Collins, John Forrest, Ben Grew, Tony Leach, Ted Meachem, Maurice Pitchford, Chris Tween and Gary Wragg had signified their willingness to stand for re-election to the Committee. In the absence of any other nominations the Chairman asked if all those standing could be elected en bloc. Proposed by Ray Thatcher seconded by Antony Channing. Carried nem con.

Chris Tween gave a brief description of the 2016 North Wales Rally saying that twenty-one of the twenty-five rooms had been booked to date. Maurice Pitchford encouraged anyone who was interested in the Normandy Weekend that they should register their interest with him and he would arrange for details to be sent out as soon as they were known.

After closing the formal meeting at 12.10 the Section Chairman asked the Club Deputy Chairman (now Chairman Elect) Johan Vanden Bergh to say a few words.

Johan said how pleased he was to be attending our AGM and that there were three main areas on which to report. An improved financial surplus would be reported, brought about by fine tuning of the Hunt House roles, the development of the Bulletin and Year Book production by Jackie Robotham and prudent house-keeping. A new Club website was being built and an ever closer relationship with the SHRMF was progressing. Please support the foundation. The updating of the Rules for Sections and Registers was now completed and work was progressing on updating the RREC Ltd Articles of Association and on fine tuning the Club's identity. 2015 had been a busy year with a full set of seminars, the revival of the SZ Register, the introduction of the Goodwood Register, the celebration of anniversaries of the Silver Cloud and the Silver Shadow, the continental rally to Sweden, attendance again at the NEC and of course the Annual Rally at the fantastic venue of Burghley House. Volunteers were wanted to help with the running of the 2016 Annual at Burghley.

Chris thanked probably the youngest, slimmest RREC Chairman Elect for his update on Club affairs.

Ted explained the arrangements for the sale of raffle tickets and that in addition to the proceeds raised, the Chichester Park Hotel had agreed not to charge for four cancelled lunches. Four cancellers had asked for their payments to go to Section funds or charity and so £110.00 would be added to the raffle proceeds.

The Secretary asked everyone to clear the room to allow the staff to set up the dining tables and for members to collect their Menu choice cards, printed by the hotel, from the Reception hall. After drinks in the bar, members sat down to the usual traditional Christmas lunch.

Whilst partaking of an excellent Christmas meal the raffle was held, resulting in a substantial sum being raised which was then augmented by additional donations and the canceller's monies. It was then agreed that a personal cheque would be sent to St Wilfrid's Hospice which, with Gift Aid, would take the donated sum to well over £1,000.00. On behalf of the Committee, many many thanks to all those who donated so generously.

Ted Meachem - Section Secretary