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Sunday 12 July 2015

This event is meant for steam driven vehicles of all sizes and functions - fair grounds, road rollers, ploughing machines etc, and by their nature they don't move very quickly, so the event has been building up for days with some long queues of traffic along the A281, and many participants camping in their colourful caravans on the site. The rally was open to the public on both Saturday and Sunday, but we decided to put on a display of our motor cars only on the Sunday. As one may guess we chose the wet day and lost several members before opening time. Nevertheless, we managed an interesting collection, including 1920s 20HPs, and welcomed the first outing of Michael Northover's recently completed restoration project.

Despite the damp conditions the twelve members attending enjoyed all the fun of the fair.

Maurice Pitchford - Section Committee Member

1983 Silver Spirit   1995 Continental R FHC
David Heaterís 1983 Silver Spirit.   Chas Vyseís 1995 Continental R FHC (SCH52261).
1926 20hp Open Tourer
Mike Northoverís 1926 20hp Open Tourer by Tony Robinson (GCK61).
Photos: Ben Grew