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Sunday 22 February 2015

This was a new venue for Central Southern but what a good one it was. Situated just off the very busy junction of the A24/A27 it was easy to find, even easier with our RREC direction boards. The Clubhouse was approached by a long sweeping drive between the greens, and those few intrepid drivers who had brought their 'proper cars' were ably parked by the organiser of the day, Tony Leach. The others parked their own!

It was only a short but breezy walk to the clubhouse and the warmth and cosiness of the bar was much appreciated. Time for a quick drink before taking our seats in the dining room.

The caterers were previously at Ham Manor Golf Club, which has been one of the highlights of our lunches in the past, and they did not disappoint this time. Unlike previous occasions we were served our starter at the table chosen from an extensive menu. We were then called, table by table, up to the carvery where we could choose something or everything from the display of roasts and vegetables. We were again served our delectable choice of dessert at our tables, followed by coffee or tea.

When it was time to leave the weather had deteriorated considerably, but not enough to dampen the feeling of 'bonhomie' which had been engendered by good food (in excess), good company (over sixty people) and just one or two glasses of vino!

All in all a very successful venue and one which I am sure we will return to again, hopefully. Thank you very much for the organisation Tony but try and improve the weather next time.

Kate Meachem - Section Member

Tony Leach, now famous for his golf club lunches, disappointingly found out last year that one of our favoured luncheon haunts, Ham Manor Golf Club, were losing their catering manager. Being a keen golfer Tony followed the 'Links' and has scored a hole in one, with a visit to Worthing Golf Club where the same caterers are now resident.

The clubhouse is a beautifully appointed building with an amply sized dining area into which we comfortably seated our members. We had reserved seating for sixty-five people but there were, I believe, three non-attendances. A rather wet day ensued with several, including the writer, either cadging a lift in another member's car (thank you Rodney and Helen), or using their everyday car. Many however braved the elements and put on a reasonable display of club cars.

So as for the dining experience, it was excellent. The volume of applause when thanking Tony for organising the event was indication enough of the membership's approval, and hopefully we shall be able to experience the venue again in the near future. Our thanks and appreciation goes to the golf club for accommodating us and the golf club membership for putting up with the Sunday lunchtime intrusion.

Chris Tween - Section Chairman

Our Club cars parked on the green.
Worthing Golf Club.
The dining room.
Photos: Ian Burt