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Sunday 31 August 2014

Sadly the Club's earlier experiences of this Air Show led to a dramatic lack of interest from our membership for the following and subsequent years. There was a serious access and egress problem resulting in it being almost impossible to be let in if a late arrival, or out, if you had had enough and wanted to leave. I also disregarded it for these reasons, only going this year because the BW John Forrest looked as though he was going to end up with a red face due to lack of support.

We were a bit late arriving, but had no problems getting in. It was a fabulous day so we did not wish to leave early. However, as far as I could make out, people were leaving early and seemed only to suffer a short delay while the airfield marshals got organised. Certainly not anything like the problems reported a few years back.

Was it worth it? I should say so; even Rosemary thoroughly enjoyed the displays, the mock dog fights, the Triplane display, the roar of the Spitfires and Hurricanes, the power of the Mustangs - all awesome! But the pièce de rèsistance had to be the Euro Fighter closely followed by the Lancaster. Unfortunately, just the one Lancaster. The British owned plane flew; the Canadian plane was temporarily out of action, failing to proceed. I, however, have to tell you that both planes flew over my house on their way to Shoreham a couple of days earlier! The Euro Fighter is a terrifying sight! The sheer power and agility absolutely awesome! The pilot was obviously restricted by noise level limitations. However, he managed to stand the aircraft on its tail and almost stationary before manoeuvering the plane into a steep climb using incredible power (and noise) to do so.

Donít miss out on this event next year - we all had a superb day out. Put it in your diary and return the flyer as soon as you receive it. Thank you John and Gloria for a brilliant day out.

Chris Tween - Section Chairman

A looping glider   Biplanes display
A looping glider.   Biplanes display.
Euro Fighter
              Euro Fighter. Photos: Chris Tween