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Sunday 3 August 2014

The one main ingredient for a successful 'At Home Day' for the summer season is a fine, warm and sunny day, and that is what we had on Sunday 3 August at Little Stammerham Farm near Horsham in West Sussex. This is the home of our indomitable Central Southern Section secretary Ted Meachem and his wife Kate.

They played host to over 100 members and friends on the lawns in front of their 13th century home. Members had brought their own tables and chairs and gathered in small groups to wait for lunch having previously had a refreshing drink of Pimms on arrival. Ted had arranged for a mobile kitchen to be on site which provided a most delicious 'lamb burger' and vegetarian lunch followed by a dessert.

The parking arrangements of Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars was carefully accomplished by Andrew and Simon in a circle to give a beautiful display of cars for members to admire.

Almost at the end of the afternoon Ted had the pleasant task of presenting a 50 year badge to Mark Tidy - a fine achievement, I think - followed by a few words of thanks from our chairman, Christopher Tween to our hosts, Ted and Kate.

Tony Leach - Section Committee Member

Picnic on the lawn
The front lawn of Ted and Kate's beautiful thirteenth century home.
Picnic by the pond
Idyllic setting for a summer picnic.
Two Bentleys   Presentation of a 50 year badge to Mark Tidy
Chris Tween's 1961 Bentley and Stephen Hammett's 1953 Bentley.   Chairman Chris Tween presented a Fifty Year badge to Mark Tidy.
Photos: Ian Burt