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Sunday 20 July 2014

We returned to Borde Hill after several years 'going other places' and were welcomed by the staff and family living in the house. We parked on the azalea lawn, (we usually park on the lawn behind the house but because of a forthcoming wedding it was thought that our cars might damage the turf).

In the event, our new parking area proved ideal with several large trees to provide shade from the sun and just about the right space for the twenty-seven cars to be displayed to the public and for our members to enjoy their picnics.

The good weather had encouraged many members to bring out their classics so that about half the cars were pre-war beauties. Some were 'regulars' but quite a few hadn't seen sunshine for quite a long time. It was good to see them and their owners again.

Maurice Pitchford - Section Committee Member

Welcome to Borde Hill   Members' motor cars
Members' motor cars 1   Members' motor cars 2
Photos: Andrew Honour