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Sunday 29 September 2013

Forty-two members and guests, in eighteen of our motor cars, were treated to a beautiful day, in idyllic surroundings facing the South Downs, to learn about how the variety of Nutbourne grapes are grown, harvested and made into some very delicious wines. The tour of about an hour around the vineyards was most instructive and interesting, and included a walk around some lakes and an introduction to three resident llamas. At the end of this we were rewarded with a glass of their Nutty Sparkling wine, and then treated to a sumptuous buffet which included freshly barbecued sausages and chicken, and locally produced sauces and cheeses, during which we tasted some of the other range of Nutbourne wines. Further instruction then followed as to how the grapes were actually turned into wine and the fermentation process that was used to give the sparkle to their Nutty Brut.

All in all Bridget and Peter Gladwin, who started the Vineyard in 1980, were most hospitable and their devotion to the development of this vineyard was clear to see. A very relaxing day came to an end as some us were tempted to buy and take home the rewards of their labours, but probably not diminishing by much the 30-50,000 bottles they aim to produce each year.

Robin Brailey - Section Committee Member

Members' cars in the vineyard
Members' motor cars carefully parked, with Ted's guidance, 'in' the vineyard.
The vineyard   The lake
The 'New Zealand' Vineyard, planted in 2009.   A walk around the lake.
Tour through the vines   The winery
Instructive tour through the vines.   The state-of-the-art winery.
Pinot Noir variety   Unusual sculpture
Pinot Noir variety grapes.   Unusual sculpture by the lake.
Photos: Ian Burt