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Weybridge - Sunday 22 September 2013

Thirty-seven Club cars were joined by a further ten Rolls-Royces and Bentleys from Brooklands Trust members to make a total of forty-seven cars with 112 attendees at the Historic Motor Course. Built in 1907 Brooklands was a wonder of its age with much of the track and many of its original buildings and features having survived to this day. We parked our cars in and around the main building to create a wonderful display of cars, from Derek Johnson's 20HP through to David Steel's Goodwood Ghost, with most models in between well represented.

The heyday of the racing circuit was undoubtedly the nineteen twenties and thirties, when record times were being set and broken by Malcolm Campbell, John Cobb and others, in such magnificently crafted machines as Napier, Delage, Mercedes, Bentley and Bugatti. Many of these were on display in the numerous original buildings along with a comprehensive display of the history of the humble bicycle.

It was at Brooklands that AV Roe made pioneering powered flight trials with his first full-size aeroplane in 1908 and Tommy Sopwith developed and flew the Sopwith Pup and Camel. The Hawker Hurricane and Vickers Wellington were built before and during World War Two. Within the remaining aircraft hangers a marvellous collection of Brooklands built aircraft were on display. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic museum staff were on hand to answer any of our questions and explain the history of each exhibit.

Post war the site produced a successful family of civil and military aircraft including the Viscount and VC10 airliners and contributed significantly to the design and manufacture of Concorde.

Concorde G-BBDG is on permanent display at Brooklands Museum. The first aircraft ever to carry 100 people at twice the speed of sound (1,350 mph) she arrived at Brooklands in 2004 and, after a two-year restoration, largely by volunteers, was officially opened by HRH Prince Michael of Kent in July 2006. Forty members enjoyed the Brooklands 'Concorde Experience' with a tour of G-BBDG finishing with a supersonic flight simulation!

Thanks must go to the Brooklands staff, for their hospitality and efforts in making it an interesting and enjoyable day.

Darren Collins - Section Spares & Technical Officer

Brooklands motor racing circuit   Banking of the motor circuit
Brooklands was a 2.75-mile motor racing circuit. This banking is the steepest section of the track.
Members' motor cars   Members' motor cars
Members' motor cars were displayed in front of the main building.
1907 Clubhouse   Motor Museum
The historic green-domed clubhouse.   Morgan three-wheeled cycle car in the Motor Museum.
Concorde - much of her design and manufacture took place at Brooklands.
1940 Hawker Hurricane   Vickers 290 Wellington Bomber
1940 Hawker Hurricane with Rolls-Royce Merlin engine.   Vickers 290 Wellington Bomber - salvaged from Loch Ness.
Photos: Ian Burt