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Sunday 7 July 2013

Probably the hottest day so far this year saw about seventeen Club cars fight their way through the horrendous traffic jams, which resulted from people being desperate to take the opportunity of getting onto a beach and enjoy the 'freak' weather. Roads on and off the A27 and to the Witterings and the various access roads to Southsea were almost at a standstill. Hot weather and slow traffic making keeping an eighty-two year old car from expiring quite an interesting challenge.

We were permitted to use the parade grounds of the old barracks to display our cars. This area is reserved for special events and occasions. The parade ground is now frequently used for the Royal Marines bands concerts, also recently used for an edition of the Antiques Road Show.

Most took along a picnic and a few used the café and were very complimentary about the quality of the food.

There were of course many exhibits in the adjacent museum, and the set pieces of period drama were really very good, in particular a bar maid who appeared to be chatting to a sailor in the seventeenth century. Her facial movements were projected onto the face of a manikin which was really very effective.

We looked at what is probably the largest collection of military medals in the United Kingdom and were saddend to see that the really rare and valuable medals were, although behind glass, replicas, the originals residing in a more secure safe location.

A good day out made even better when finding out Andy Murray had won Wimbledon.

Chris Tween - Section Magazine Editor

Our Club cars displayed on the parade ground
Our Club cars displayed on the parade ground.
In front of the Royal Marines Museum
The splendid setting in front of the Royal Marines Museum.
Picnicking   Picnicking
Wall-to-wall sunshine for our picnics.
Photos: Ian Burt