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14-16 June 2013

Not having been to the Annual for a few years it was a very refreshing and impressive sight to see some 550 Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars magnificently displayed in the lovely grounds of Rockingham Castle with views stretching miles across beautiful countryside. There were many more who had come just to be there and enjoy the occasion. I was not there on the Friday, but lovely views go with a bit of altitude and the biting wind on Saturday rather put paid to a relaxing picnic and it was more of a question of going around the serried ranks in bursts and then sheltering to recover some bodily warmth. Hats off to all the marshalls for devotion to duty and politely directing us to our allotted spots. In fact, hats off to everybody involved in the overall organisation as these things do not happen of their own accord and I am sure the many overseas members that I saw and met were suitably rewarded for their journeys - even from as far as New South Wales.

Sunday was a much better day, the wind had dropped, the rain kept off and the sun took his hat off for the judging to take place in comfort.

As to the cars, it always amazes me that however many Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars you see in one place, no two are ever exactly the same. The car that impressed me most was the 'original' 1908 Silver Dawn that I overtook on the way there on the Sunday in my somewhat later 1954 version. It was absolutely immaculate in every respect although I was sorry to see that the clocks were not working - but it would give AX 201 a run for its money anywhere. A particular item that also attracted me was a brand new cast aluminium block for Phantom III - the lengths people go to to keep our cars on the road! Best not mention the price, but if yours is clapped out, there's not a lot of choice and it is one example of the part that the Veteran, Vintage and Classic car movement contributes to keep sections of our industry ticking over

The Central Southern Section was well represented and three of us were rewarded for our efforts - Paul Capper and Michael Hogger in their Silver Shadows and myself in my Silver Dawn - my apologies if I've left someone out.

Robin Brailey - Section Committee Member

Display of motor cars   Some of the entries
A lovely display during a bit of sunshine!
First in Class 14   Second in Class 14   First in Class 11
Paul Capper. First in Class 14, Most Elegant
Silver Shadow and Shu Shahid Trophy.
  Michael Hogger. Second in Class 14
(Silver Shadow).
  Robin Brailey. First in Touring
Class 11 (Silver Dawn).
Best Car in Show   Gleaming line up
Best Car in Show, 1908 Silver Ghost.   Proud and gleaming line up.
Photos: Andrew Honour