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Sunday 18 November 2012

Our first trip to this hostelry on a truly glorious day was a culinary delight. Sixty-one diners booked and there were only two no-shows, and all but one member arrived in a Club car!

On reflection, I think we should have limited numbers somewhat. The Trooper is able to accommodate about seventy covers but, being a quaint English pub (with some splendid ales, by the way), the dining tables are of necessity spread round the entire ground floor. Nothing wrong with that at all, but for one of our social gatherings we were split up more than we are used to - some couples were left on their own or in small groups rather than in the mix.

The chef, quite rightly it has to be said, was not prepared to pre-cook any of the courses, so cooking began once the diners were seated. As being seated was a haphazard event due to the social nature of our meetings, it was some time before all were seated. Consequently continuity of service was interrupted, resulting in some delays. However, whilst there was some jocular banter about maybe reserving a room whilst waiting for the pudding, it was all taken in the spirit of the event and nothing but praise from everybody when commenting on the food.

Our thanks to Hassan, our host, and to his wife who, we understood, was the head chef - well done.

We managed to squeeze all our cars but one into the rear car park which had been reserved for our exclusive use.

Ted Meachem spoke a few words on behalf of our section chairman David Gray who was, most unusually, unable to attend due a babysitting job. I didn't think he needed the money that badly - just goes to show! (Sorry Boss).

Chris Tween - Section Magazine Editor

The Trooper Inn   The dining area
The Trooper Inn.   Part of the dining area.
Members' motor cars   Hassan
Members' motor cars 'squeezed' into the reserved car park.   Hassan, our host.
Photos: Chris Tween