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Sunday 19 August 2012

Entries were closed when they reached well over one hundred, so apologies to those few who could not be accepted. Sorry also to those members who did not make it on the day. Despite the 'summer's' weather it was decided not to put up a marquee (as in previous years) and as it turned out it was not really needed. However the day started dry and bright with the sun bursting through on occasion but then just as we were eating lunch we had lightning and an almighty clap of thunder. There followed a few drops of rain but, in typically English style, everyone carried on eating and there was brilliant sunshine for the rest of the day.

The mobile Fish 'n' Chip trailer arrived early to 'set up and get the burners going'.

Over forty Club motor cars were parked, by young Ralph, in an arc in the Day Paddock, five pre-war motor cars (including our late President's 25/30) were displayed facing the front lawn and three 'live in' Club motor cars displayed on the apron to the motor house. Word of the gathering had spread with the result that Trotters Independent Traders decided to park up their RR as well!

Pimms or a soft drink was served to everyone on arrival and the lawn soon became covered in a colourful display of umbrellas, picnic tables and chairs with even the odd gazebo (but not in the car lines!). Everyone was served with fish (or chicken) and chips in just over half an hour with quite generous, piping hot portions. The desserts of strawberries and cream or a mini pastry assortment seemed very popular.

Andrew and Dean were taken for a ride in the Elevated Photography Stakes.

Ted Meachem - Section Secretary

Members' motor cars arranged in an arc
A fine display of members' motor cars arranged in an arc by our parking attendant Ralph Taylor.
Picnic on the front lawn in front of Ted and Kate's beautiful hom
Fish & Chips picnic on the front lawn of Ted and Kate's beautiful home.
Delboy and Rodney's transport   Some of the members' older motor cars
Delboy and Rodney's transport with Ted's 2002 RR Corniche.   Some of the members' older motor cars on display.
The late Club President's Rolls-Royce   Aerial photography
The late Club President's Rolls-Royce 25/30 Sports Saloon.   Aerial photography despite 'Elf & Safety!
Photos: Ian Burt