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Saturday 23 June 2012

The 23rd of June was a dry day(!) and found some seventy members and guests in twenty motor cars at the Section's annual visit to Hickstead. This meeting is one of the highlights of the show jumping calendar, with all the star names riding.

The ground could only be described as soft and so we were not able to use our usual River Lawn parking area, but were mustered a little further from the arena on the top lawn.

My day at Hickstead was slightly different, as earlier during the week I had a call from organiser Ted, who explained that he had to be elsewhere on the day, and he invited me to stand in as BW1. I think someone had let slip of my previous seven years committee work with the BDC. Then again how could you refuse Ted who has given so much of his time to members over the years.

Now I have always favoured the sort of horsepower that we are used to in the RREC, particularly since the milkman's horse nibbled my fingers, when giving it a biscuit as a lad of about six. I also have to say that I know very little about things equestrian. No one, however, could fail to be inspired by these magnificent creatures moving at full gallop with some person hitching a lift on their backs and then, if you please, jumping over a five bar gate! Well I told you I know nothing, but wasn't it exciting and truly spectacular to watch, and all against the clock - brilliant stuff.

After minor difficulties were overcome we did all gain access to the Members' Stand for the best view of the action and it was a most enjoyable day, particularly for many of our own members who used to ride, and some who still do.

My thanks to Dennis Windows for all his help as BW2 and, of course, to the Bunn family for inviting us to attend.

Peter Waller - Section Member

Members' motor cars at Hickstead
Photo: David Gray