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Past Events

Monday 22 April 2002

From 11am on this Monday morning around thirteen Club cars (plus non-Club cars) and almost forty members gathered in Elms Lane to commemorate the life and achievements of Sir Henry Royce by the plaque on the front wall of Elmstead (his last home). Curate, the Reverend Clifford Hankins welcomed all present and gave thanks and prayers for Sir Henry's life and work. David and Jackie Gray invited those gathered into their home, Hattons (next door to Elmstead West), for refreshments and to view Sir Henry's workshop, bench and the plaque erected by our club on the Round Britain Rally in 1994. Around one o'clock members gathered at the Black Horse on the Birdham Straight to enjoy lunch with the emphasis on freshly caught fish. Our thanks to David and Jackie Gray for hosting the meeting this year.

Ted Meachem - Section Secretary

Elmstead West   Hattons
Elmstead West, Sir Henry Royce's former home, and Hattons, his workshop, in West Wittering. Photos: Ian Burt

Rev Clifford Hankins   Jackie Gray and Ted Meachem
The Secretary introduces the Reverend Clifford Hankins in front of the plaque commemorating Sir Henry's last home (Elmstead). The stone gateway and wrought iron gate in the background is the one in which Sir Henry was famously photographed. An identical gate was commissioned by the Yorkshire Section in the nineties and was erected in the courtyard at Hunt House.
(right) Jackie Gray, our host, receives a floral thank you from the Section on the terrace of her home (Hattons).
(Below)The Editor was a little concerned that the fish dish he had ordered was taking a while and that perhaps our hosts were catching the fish! The Secretary made enquiries and proved the fish were caught and very fresh. Photos: Ralph and Jean Taylor
Fish dish