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Sunday 17 February 2002 at The Spur Hotel and Restaurant, Slindon

It was a cold but dry morning when twenty-one club cars assembled at The Spur Hotel and Restaurant. This 'pub meet' was to differ from previous leisurely occasions and members assembled to skittle their way through lunch - and beyond in many cases. As self-appointed umpire I was responsible for the organisation of teams. A clipboard seemed like a good idea at the time but the coloured stickers refused to stick in the cold and the normally agile fingers failed to find the correct colours for the right members. Fifty members and friends had booked and simple arithmetic means that we had four teams of twelve, an unbiased but slightly jet-lagged scorer, and an umpire. However, to start with, matters did not work so even-handedly, with the result we had sixteen (or thereabouts) members in the Chairman's team (red team), an unusual number in the Electric Windows' green team and about four or five in teams yellow and blue. After a spot of lobbying a few transfers took place and play began.

Members of a club such as ours come from a cross-section of our nation state and this was certainly reflected in their bowling styles. Some propelled the ball at a speed at which Sir Henry would have been proud although the end result probably not to his liking. And it was amazing the skills, which many members had, of bowling a ball, which whistled between the skittles without disturbing one of them. I think it was Mae Underwood who lobbed her ball in an Irish flight of fancy which for a terrifying moment might seriously cause our first insurance claim, and which, after what seemed a minute or two landed half way down the alley - but between the boards - for a seriously low score. But readers should not get the impression that all members were the same standard because the green team, captained and led by the fine example of Dennis Windows, beat off stiff competition from teams red, yellow and blue, to land the prize of a fine bottle of South African plonk. And if you were to think that a competition of this nature would sort out the men from the ladies nothing could be further from the truth. Annie Goodall top-scored for the ladies and Ian Parker for the men with twenty-four apiece and in a subsequent 'killer' competition Rod Goodall only just beat Debbie Barnes.

I must thank the team captains, Tony Leach, Dennis Windows, David Steel and Andrew Honour for restoring order, and my wife Su for keeping the score.

But what about the cars? Outside the sun had risen and a number of disillusioned bowlers had resorted to discussing what they know best. I always find it difficult to pick out the most interesting cars because a Phantom, a 20/25, and the latest Bentleys are all beautiful, but there was a lot of interest and technical discussion in Doug Groves' recent purchase of a 1953 Silver Bentley Mark VI, and for a time a group of four young ladies were admiring it but from afar.

Michael Marriage - Treasurer

The Spur Hotel, Slindon   Rolls-Royces at The Spur
A chilly start as the club cars assembled at The Spur soon turned to heated discourse in the bowling alley!   Doug Groves' recently acquired 1953 Bentley in the foreground.
Photos: Andrew Honour