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Sunday 5 December 2010

A record number of members attended the Annual General Meeting.
The snowfall in the preceding week had been quite considerable and it was feared that this might prevent some members from attending what was probably the forty-third AGM of the Section. However, along the lines of 'the sun shines on...', Saturday saw most of the snow disappear and on the Sunday morning the sun shone! One hundred and twenty-three members were booked in for lunch but unfortunately there were a few 'no shows' due to some road conditions and a little ill health.

Members gathered from just after ten o'clock to be greeted by one of the committee members with individual menu choice cards and then went on to coffee and hot mince pies. Once again, under the guidance of manager Dean Chahboune, the meeting room was all prepared and laid out with ample seating. The meeting started at 11.40 to allow time for a few late arrivals to take their seats.

Chairman Tony Leach opened the meeting by welcoming the members and the Management Committee representative Philip Hall. Twenty year badges were then presented by Philip Hall to Ian Burt, John & Sue Eaton and Paul Lewis.

Philip Hall with Ian Burt   John & Sue Eaton   Paul Lewis
Philip Hall with Ian Burt...   John & Sue Eaton...   and Paul Lewis.
Secretary Ted Meachem read out apologies for absence from Michael & Merle Morgan, Peter & Thelma Princep, Roger Bunn, Paul Hoddinott, Jim & Ann Deene, Nigel & Linda Bulpitt, Peter Allchurch, Tony Parsons, Marjorie & Dennis Greengrass, Lief & Diane Wangel, Don & Beryl Middleton, Peter Bull, Peter & Diane Weber, Ian & Corinne Niblett, John & Sandie Tudor, Michael & Su Marriage, Brian Roach, Jayne Thunder & Steve Page-Mitchell, Mick & Sue Whittemore and Joan Tuck.

The Secretary asked if the, previously circulated, minutes of the AGM held on 6 December 2009 could be signed by the Chairman as a true record. The meeting agreed and the minutes were duly signed. Under 'Matters Arising': Rodney Marples enquired if the four x's in the 2009 Secretary's report amounted to forty years. Sadly no, the four x's was a typo, it should have been two x's minus a bit! Rodney then went on to ask why there was a large item of bank credit in the year 2008/2009 and yet there was a tiny minus figure in the 2009/2010 year. The Treasurer gave a detailed explanation and was thanked by Rodney for a most suitable explanation worthy of a politician!

Chairman Tony began his report by saying that it seemed like only a few weeks since his last AGM report after a year of successful events with larger numbers attending. He briefly mentioned the lunch gatherings, the home hospitality of members, as well as the more 'national' events during the year. The highlight of the year was our annual rally this time to Southern Ireland with himself and David Gray as BW's ably assisted by their ladies. A record turn out of over forty motor cars and a near miss on the currency exchange aspect. Tony reported that at the Chichester Crown Court a claim by a member for the return of the balance of his payment for the Norfolk Rally (because of cancellation) was dismissed by the Judge. Tony confirmed that, although standing for re-election to the committee he would not be standing for re-election as Chairman. He thanked all the members of the committee for their work during the year particularly mentioning Andrew, Chris, Darren, and Ted.

Secretary Ted reported a record attendance at this AGM and explained the coding on some of the menu place cards. Another fine response to the Contribution letter and an explanation as to why the suggested figure of £10.00 (or more if you think it is good value) had been repeated despite the increasing cost of printing and postage. He said that under Chris Tween's Editorship magazine cost savings had been made by changing to digital printing instead of litho, the in-house production of flyer/booking forms and the forward purchase of postage stamps. Ted reported that no new candidates had come forward to stand for election to the committee. He thanked Tony for his excellent Chairmanship since December 1999 and said how pleased he was that Tony had decided to stand for election to the new committee. Ted urged all members to use their vote in the forthcoming Management Committee elections in 2011. He also thanked Ian Burt for maintaining our excellent website. On the programme for 2011 he mentioned the South of England Rally at Runnymede, the Spirit of Ecstasy Centenary celebrations and our annual rally to the Cotswolds in September. He announced that there would be a raffle, in aid of a local charity, during the lunch for donated prizes of a Fortnum & Mason hamper, Szigeti sparkling wines and a meal for two at the Chichester Park Hotel. Finally he thanked all the BW's for their work during the year and also asked if there were any points that members would like raised at the Club Conference in April next year.

Coffee time   Presentation to Tony and Daphne
On arrival coffee was served in the bar.   Presentation to Tony (the retiring Chairman) and Daphne.
Treasurer Andrew presented and circulated the accounts for the previous year which had been approved by examiner Michael Marriage. He reported that contributions were at the same level as last year, magazine costs were higher due to rising costs and the purchase of the printer, and also advertising revenues were down. There was an overall loss in the year of £1,700.00 but we had sufficient reserves.

Adoption of the accounts was proposed by David Inker, seconded by Rodney Marples and carried nem con. The re-appointment of the Examiner was proposed by Ticker Windows, seconded by John Bray and carried nem con.

The Chairman said that all the existing members of the Committee had signified their willingness to stand for re-election and it was suggested that the existing members (all of whom were named) be elected en bloc. The motion was proposed by Peter Waller and seconded by Tony Smith. Carried nem con.

The programme for 2011 had been circulated at this meeting. Cotswolds Rally BW Ted said that he had negotiated with the Dumbleton Hall Hotel that by invoicing before the rise in the VAT rate (and payment in the New Year) a benefit to the rally of £600.00 would be achieved. Participants would be asked for a second payment by 31 December 2010 in order to settle the hotel invoice.

Under AOB Peter Seamer enquired who was the next Chairman. TL replied, now that the committee had been elected they would meet after the meeting to elect their officers. 'Ticker' Windows gave his congratulations on the Section programme(s). Maurice Pitchford announced that there would be no French rally in 2011 but a special rally was being planned for 2012.

Tony Leach closed the meeting at 12.25 and asked MC representative Philip Hall to address the gathering. Philip gave thanks for a warm welcome and said how pleased he was to see such a large gathering with attendees from other Sections, even enthusiastic Apologies for absence and especially for seeing Fred Fruth again. He mentioned the Six Year rule (for officers) and complimented us on our magazine, our website, our events and our finances. He also mentioned the National Rally, the Classic Car Show, the Year Book, THH seminars, the 2011 Spirit of Ecstasy Celebrations and the good relations with RRMC and Bentley Motors. He regretted the lack of progress in settling THH lease and said that there would be six positions open for election to the Management Committee (MC) next year.
Chess Ferrier asked how much the lease issue had cost so far. Reply £40,000.00 by the RREC.
Simon Buck said that members were irritated by the delay in sorting THH lease. Philip agreed to convey this message to the MC.
Maurice Pitchford asked why there were difficulties with the continental members/Sections. Philip replied that they were unhappy with the conduct of the election of the Deputy Chairman. Four continental candidates were standing at the next MC elections in April. Tony thanked Philip for speaking and joining our AGM.

Leprechaun   The wine tasting
The 'Leprechaun'.   Members enjoying the wine tasting in the restaurant.
Tony announced that Peter Szigeti, the Austrian wine maker who hosted our lake trip during the Vienna 24 Rally, would be providing a tasting of his sparkling wines in the restaurant off the hotel foyer. At this point there was a knock on the door and a little (or large) person from the Emerald Isle entered to present the Chairman with a small token of appreciation for his eleven years of service and a floral tribute to Daphne for her support to Tony during this time.

Members then retired to the restaurant for the wine tasting. During this time committee members and 'Daisy May' sold tickets for the donated raffle prizes. Approximately one hour later everyone returned to enjoy a traditional Christmas lunch along with crackers and rocket balloons. Towards the end of the meal the Secretary thanked the hotel manager, Dean, for accommodating us so well and providing every facility for our needs. He also thanked the members for their generous support in raising £755.00 in raffle ticket sales and asked Dean to draw the first raffle ticket. The Fortnum & Mason hamper was won by Dean Ash (no, not the manager Dean), the Szigeti wines were won by Ronald Hazell and the meal for two was won by Ian Parker. The proceeds of the raffle will be sent to St Wilfrid's Hospice in Chichester. During the day a film crew from Paris took quite a lot of footage, some of which may be used in a forthcoming TV programme.

Christmas lunch
The part of the meeting that everybody was looking forward to - the traditional Christmas lunch.
At a short meeting after the lunch at 3.55pm, the new Committee elected David Gray as Chairman, Ted Meachem as Secretary and Andrew Honour as Treasurer. Darren Collins agreed to continue as STO. Chris Tween agreed to continue as Magazine Editor. Meeting closed 4.05pm.

Ted Meachem - Section Secretary

Photos: Ian Burt and Chris Tween