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Sunday 14 November 2010

It was sunny on the coast but by the time we got to Cowfold it had clouded over and then it started to rain. Not a lot, but enough to discourage all but the bravest members from bringing their beautifully polished Club cars. In fact fourteen Rolls and Bentleys out of twenty-one possibles made it. Well done and thank you. Because of the weather everyone was well established inside the hostelry for the lunch. (I usually have to chase members into the bar from examining the newly purchased vehicles, but not this year!)

I think the only complaint was that the portions were too large, though I was pleased to note some famished members did a grand job cleaning their platters. Despite the weather members enjoyed the meal and the good company.

Maurice Pitchford - Section Committee Member

Members' cars at Cowfold
Photo: Chris Tween