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Sunday 26 September 2010

Grapes awaiting harvesting  

Nutbourne Vineyards near Pulborough is a family run concern celebrating thirty years of production. The thirty acre estate produces a range of white and sparkling wines of high quality that have repeatedly won national and international awards. Eighteen club cars spanning over seventy-five years of production together with their owners and guests visited the estate where we enjoyed a walking tour hosted by proprietor Bridget Gladwin through part of the vineyard, past two freshwater lakes and a small herd of llamas. We were then refreshed by a tasting of four of the various wines. Being only just post-equinox, members were able to enjoy picnics and the added bonus of freshly barbecued 'pig in a bun' kindly supplied by our hosts in the charming setting of a small marquee at the edge of the vineyard, adjacent to the windmill tasting room. The timing of the visit allowed members to see and taste the grapes bulging on the vines awaiting the imminent harvest.

The early autumn weather was mostly kind with warm sunshine up to lunchtime where the conversation flowed as freely as the excellent Nutty Brut 'traditional method' sparkling wine. In the afternoon there was a brief talk at the new winery building with its brand new shiny machinery that will commence work once the grapes are harvested.

Many members were spotted departing laden down with purchases of the excellent produce.

Simon Buck - Section Committee Member

Grapes awaiting harvesting.

Picnic amongst the vines   Wine tasting
Picnic amongst the vines.   Wine tasting.
Club car parking facing the vines   1933 Phantom II   Vineyard car display
Club car parking facing the vines. Michael Whittemore's 1933 Phantom II. Vineyard car display.
Photos: Andrew Honour