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Thursday 22 April 2010

If the number of pre-war cars that arrive at this meeting is indicative of the weather conditions, then this year once again the 'oldies' were in attendance in numbers. One third of the motor cars present were in this age group.

Not a cloud in the sky was to be seen, albeit one or two people in their open models looked distinctly chilly on arrival, and might have preferred the journey with hoods up!

In excess of forty cars were duly parked in neighbour's drives by the time that The Rev Clifford Hankins was introduced by our Secretary, Ted Meachem, and the short service that followed, as usual, gave thanks for the life and skills of Sir Henry Royce.

Afterwards all present entered the garden of Hattons at the invitation of David & Jackie Gray for a glass of wine and 'nibbles'.

Ted presented a bouquet of flowers to Jackie, and on behalf of Rolls-Royce, Goodwood, a Spirit of Ecstasy tie pin to David, before those who had booked lunch moved on to Chichester Yacht Club. The new Upper Deck Room - part of a major extension programme recently completed - had been reserved for the lunch. Seventy-five members and their guests were seated in what one member described as 'the room with a view.'

We were particularly pleased to entertain two guests of the Section. Firstly Clifford Hankins, our adopted Memorial mascot, who many of us know affectionately as our 'Friar Tuck'. Secondly, Andrew Ball of Rolls-Royce Motors, Goodwood, who kindly brought along one of the new Ghost models from the Plant. A special thank you to him. He transported Clifford to CYC, and at the end of the event Clifford returned to Wittering in a 1929 20hp. Thus having a taste of both ends of the scale, one might say!

David Gray - Section Committee Member

Dining at CYC.   Dining at CYC.
Dining at Chichester Yacht Club.
Old motor cars at CYC   Jackie receiving flowers.
Some of the older motor cars at CYC.   Ted presented a bouquet of flowers to Jackie.
Photos: Chris Tween