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Sunday 18 November at the Hilton Avisford Park Hotel, Walberton

Sunday 18 November saw a superb attendance to the Cross Section Quiz at the Hilton Avisford Park Hotel near Arundel. This year's entrants, some seventy-two in all, were treated to a repeat performance of the very popular film quiz featuring some super clips of Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars and the parts that they have accessorised in film and television during the last fifty years. The questions were as taxing as ever and this year I was joined by my beautiful assistant, Laura Meachem, oh yes and her Dad, Ted.

As with last year the day was split into two sessions. After experiencing the amount of work that it takes to stage this event, I was this year so grateful to Ted and Laura for such a lot of effort and support in making the afternoon as successful in its interest and diversity.

Members were also treated to the delights of four real motor cars in the form of a Silver Seraph and a brand new Arnage, kindly loaned by Harwoods of Pulborough, the stately 1938 Wraith (Park Ward) limousine owned by Peter Carter-Wardle and the stylish and classic S3 Continental owned by Andrew Honour who incidentally had cut short a very busy schedule to join us for the day along with three other friends of the Malaysian Royal Family (Someone had made mention that they were deported but there are no confirmed reports as yet).

There was a slight decline in service this year by the hotel, which lead to two members of staff and myself setting up the event at 8 o'clock in the morning!

Despite there being only one table of members from South-Eastern Section they did in fact win the quiz overall and each team member was presented with a bottle of wine by Section Chairman Tony Leach. Tony also presented team Captain Martin Coomber with the Cross-Section Trophy.

Paul Capper - Committee Member

Quiz Winners   Real Motor Cars
The winning team from South-East Section: Martin Coomber,
Mr & Mrs N Poole and Mr & Mrs E Young.
  Peter Carter-Wardle's 1939 Wraith and Andrew Honour's
1965 Continental at the Quiz. Photos: Ralph Taylor