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Little Stammerham Farm, Horsham - Sunday 19 July 2009

Seventy-eight members in around forty Club motor cars were booked in for 'a relaxing day in the heart of West Sussex'. The weather on the day of the previous SAHD, in 2005, was absolutely glorious with members seeking shade from the strong sunshine. The event this year was not quite the same!

The Club motor cars and their passengers where greeted by Ralph Taylor on the drive and then displayed in an arc in the Day Paddock by David Steel. The weather on the farm at the beginning of the day was just about acceptable but several members experienced very heavy rain en route.

There was some 'meeting and greeting' around the picnic tables on the front lawn but by lunchtime members were quite glad (even keen) to enter the marquee where round tables, chairs and a buffet lunch had been laid up. Including the catering staff eighty people squeezed into the marquee to enjoy a tasty two course meal followed by coffee.

With such inhospitable weather most members were soon keen (again!) to go home and so did not hang around for too long to see the latest Roller or even take part in the published activities! Just goes to show what an influence the weather has on our outdoor events.

Ted Meachem - Section Secretary

Members motor cars
Parking for most of the members' motor cars was in the adjacent paddock.
Ted and Kate's home
Pimms on the lawn in front of Ted and Kate's home.
David Gray's 1929 RR 20hp Tourer   Now that's what you call a roller!
David Gray's 1929 RR 20hp Tourer.   Now that's what you call a roller!
Photos: Ian Burt