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Saturday 14 March 2009

The Courtyard

Andrew Ball of RRMC confirmed to us just after our February magazine went into the post that the date for the Plant Open Day would be, the very close, 14 March. The flyer/booking request had therefore missed the usual mailing and so it was agreed that we would provide the flyer master copy for photocopying and the mailing labels. RRMC would then do the photocopying and mail out in their envelopes with our labels.

By the closing date 142 members and friends in 50 Club motor cars (and 10 non-Club cars) had booked for the event. Unfortunately some of the Committee had literally only just returned from the Arabian Adventure and were unable to attend.

Darren and Ralph Taylor kindly agreed to be marshals along with potential Club member Dave Peters and were resplendent in their Section Hi-Vis waistcoats for the arrival of our members at 9.30am. The Club motor cars were soon displayed in the Courtyard and the RRMC employees and their families started arriving at 10.30am (around 2,000 of them!). We were treated to free tea and coffee all day and also picked up our packed lunches.

  Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Steve Drewitt's RR Silver Spirit III, Tony Smith's 1925 RR PI Sedanca-de-Ville,
Ian Burt's 1974 RR Silver Shadow.
Everyone was free to wander around most parts of the Plant at their leisure. A new production line had been created last year and this is to be devoted to the Phantom range (saloon, convertible and coupé). The original production line looked a little bare as this was being made ready for the production model of 200EX (RR4). We understand (from an impeccable source) that the Phantom line is being geared up to produce 1200 motorcars a year and the other line target is 2,000 RR4s (due for launch later in 2009). 2008 saw 1212 Phantoms retailed, an increase of 20% over the previous year.

RR Phantom Coupé   During the day the CEO, Tom Purves, took a great interest in our motor cars and spent a great deal of time talking to owners about their own and the various models of Club motor cars on display. Tom, a Section member, was so enthusiastic that he decided to make an award for the Club car which most impressed him on the day. Towards the end of the day he spoke to the gathered members, thanked us for attending and awarded a, quite valuable, prize to Derek Metz for the originality and condition of his 1982 Silver Spirit.

Thanks to all the members who turned out on the day. All in all a very enjoyable, relaxing day which, subject to final accounting, should produce over £500 for the local hospice.

Ted Meachem - Section Secretary

RRMC 2009 RR Phantom Coupé.
Photos: Ian Burt