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Sunday 16 November 2008

Seventy-five members and guests arrived in thirty-two Club motor cars for lunch at Crouchers Country Hotel & Restaurant. By the time all the parking activities had been completed, the undersigned entered the Hotel at just after 1.00pm. To my amazement everybody was already seated in the restaurant for the meal planned to start at 1.30pm (as per the flyer). So ten out of ten to all present for enthusiasm!

Apologies if it seemed a long wait for the food to start arriving at the tables, but the first dishes appeared from the kitchen within two or three minutes of the agreed time. The general opinion seemed to be that the food was of a high standard, and had represented good value for money. By the time everybody had enjoyed their coffee and petit-fours, and started to wend their way home, wintery darkness was starting to show the first signs of arrival.

  Crouchers Restaurant
My thanks in particular to Dick Lees for assisting to park thirty-two cars in what seemed to be a 'quart in a pint pot' exercise. With all in situ, we might have fitted one more Club car in! Thanks also to our Secretary, Ted, for taking on the Chairman's duty of delivering a few words to the assembled, well fed throng at the end of the meal.

David Gray - Section Committee Member

Our motor cars 1   Our motor cars 2
The car park was full of our motor cars and included Paul Lewis'
1989 RR Corniche Convertible, Barry Jones' 1973 RR Silver Shadow and Martin Coomber's 1995 Bentley Brooklands.
  Maurice Pitchford's 1996 RR Silver Spur, Leif Wangel's
1969 RR Silver Shadow, Graham Bennett's 1980 RR Corniche Drophead and Peter Dupe's 1954 Bentley R Type.
Our motor cars 3   Our motor cars 4
Dennis Windows' 1978 RR Silver Shadow II, Peter Seamer's 1992 Bentley Turbo R, David Gray's 1929 RR 20hp and Mark Tidy's 1932 RR 20/25.   Ian Burt's 1974 RR Silver Shadow, Michael Marriage's 1957 Bentley S1 and Michael Whittemore's RR Phantom.
Photos: Ian Burt