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Tuesday 22 April 2008

Lest anybody should think that the Grays have special influence over the weather, they don't! Good fortune dictated that yet again this event was blessed with a fine day. How nice that on the 75th Anniversary of the death of Sir Henry we should be gathered in bright sunshine to remember his life and skills. By 1130am almost forty Club cars were parked in surrounding neighbours' drives, thanks to the efforts of the Marshals. On the marketing principle of BOGOF - buy one, get one free - we had two of the Parish Clergy present! Our thanks to the Rector, John Williams, and Father Clifford Hankins for conducting the short service outside Elmstead House West.

Some Club members had travelled a considerable distance to join Central Southern Section on this occasion. David Parkes (Chairman, West Midlands), and his wife Barbara. Then from the far extremity of Wessex Section came John and Sue Eaton (Lyme Regis), and from Basingstoke Rodney and Jean Marples. Not to be outdone, Brian Froud (South East Section Committee Member) and his wife Hilary came from the depths of Kent. A trip of 2.5 hours each way, I'm told. It was also good to have David and Diana White with us. David is one of the Hosts (Guide to you and me!) at the Goodwood Plant.

After the service, drinks and nibbles were enjoyed at Hattons (the Gray's home), before most of us moved on to Chichester Yacht Club for lunch. Ninty-two people partook of the meal, which stretched the Staff at the Club a little, but the general comments suggest that the food was worth the wait!

Oldest motor car present was the 1921 Silver Ghost Saloon owned by Tony Smith.

David Gray - Section Committee Member

Chichester Harbour.
The view of Chichester Harbour from the Chichester Yacht Club dining room.
Chichester Yacht Club.
Members' cars attracted attention whilst parked in Chichester Yacht Club car park.
1921 RR Silver Ghost Saloon   Clergy abd Ted.
Tony Smith's newly acquired 1921 RR Silver Ghost Saloon.   Rector John Williams and Father Clifford Hankins introduced by Ted.
Drinks at Hattons.
Our hosts, David and Jackie Gray, provided drinks and canapes in their garden at Hattons.
Ted with urn.   Lunch at the Yacht Club.
Ted Meachem presented David Gray with an earthenware urn and flowers for Jackie.   Sitting down to lunch at the Yacht Club are Ann and Dennis Windows, Daphne and Tony Leach, Pauline and Maurice Pitchford, and Jennifer Burt
Photos: Ian Burt.