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at the Chichester Park Hotel, Chichester - Sunday 2 December 2007

Over one hundred and twenty members, wives and partners arrived from just after ten o'clock to meet and greet each other in the bar/lounge for coffee and mince pies.

At 11.30am the Chairman, Tony Leach, formally opened the AGM by welcoming everybody especially Management Committee member Duncan Feetham and his wife Vivienne.

Before reading out Apologies for Absence the Secretary, Ted Meachem, said that this year three members had passed away, Peggy Sadler, who had been the Secretary twenty years ago, Jack Pennell and only last week Ivy Sparrow wife of Tony. He then read out apologies for absence from Jim & Anne Denne, John McCormick, Tony Parsons, Richard & Margaret English, Peter & Thelma Princep, Denis & Diane Sims, Chris Broom & Brian Mayers, John & Lyn Gough, Peter Jupe, Roger Bunn, Bryan Roach, Nigel & Linda Bulpitt, Paul Hoddinott, David & Sandra Inker, Tommy & Dot Welham, Dorothy Pennell, James Nightingale, Anthony Lewis, Nigel & Gilly Crossley and Michael Barnes. Ted also said that John Atkins, Eileen Ellis, Paul Capper, and Mae Underwood had booked but were unable to attend. He also read out Fred Fruth's very complimentary letter from Austria.

The Secretary asked the meeting if it was their wish that he should ask the Chairman to sign the previously circulated minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 3 December 2006 as being a true record. There was full agreement from the floor and the minutes were duly signed. There were no Matters Arising.

AGM assembly

Chairman Tony began his annual report saying that it was very much a synopsis of the twenty Section rallies and meetings over the year which were recorded in the Magazine. Those of particular note were the Memorial Meeting, which this year was on a Sunday swelling the numbers and allowing non-retired members to attend. David & Jackie Gray had again been very kind to us providing refreshments in their garden. He continued saying that following the hasty cancellation of the Charterhouse South of England Rally a new rally was organised at Bramley and this was very successful. Our Wheels on Road event, organised by Darren, was a great day thanks to Harwoods Stud and which contributed over £700 to the local Mary
How Trust. The Section rally to the Lakes proved a great success and this also raised £600 for the Countess Mountbatten Hospice. Tony said that he had only mentioned four events but that each event was organised by someone on the committee and therefore this was a good time to thank all of the Committee. He then said that this brought him on to the biggest thank you of all, to Dennis who was retiring from the Magazine Editorship after seven years and twenty eight editions. Dennis (and Ann) had done a great job. The Chairman and Secretary then presented Dennis and Ann with tokens of the Section's appreciation which included specially imported Tierra del Fuego wine. Tony went on to thank Maurice for agreeing to take over as Caretaker Editor, to Andrew for looking after the finances and to John Tudor for examining the accounts and to Ted for his secretarial duties.   Presentation to Dennis Windows

Ted Meachem   Secretary Ted preceded his report by saying that there was absolutely no truth in the rumour that the Club had been offered a six hundred thousand pound bribe to secure planning permission to redevelope the Hunt House! He started his report by saying that, as Tony had said, the highlight of the year was the English Lakes Rally and that judging by the reports in the recent Bulletin, our Section had the highest number of Wheels on Road - a big thank you to Darren. No more information about the start of our Section, prior to 1967, had emerged and so we could definitely claim to have been established at least forty years hence the birthday cake which would be cut up and served later. Ted said that the response to this year's Contribution letter had again been marvellous, almost £1,900 from one hundred and fifty members. On behalf of the Committee he expressed a big thank you to the members. Ted thanked Ian Burt for continuing to maintain an excellent website for the Section and added his personal thanks to Dennis, forever more to be known as Ticker!

Ted said that unfortunately the Bulletin Editor still would not include our lunch gatherings in the Events List although it did print lunch gatherings of other Sections. In addition to the 2008 programme distributed today special mention was made of the proposed features of the South of England Riverside Charity Spectacular urging members to support this exceptional and worthy event. He went on to say that the Section Annual Rally would be Vienna 24 with over sixty members in twenty-nine motor cars booked to date. Fred Fruth, in Vienna, had been working very hard on our behalf and the programme was well advanced.

The Secretary gave his thanks to the Committee members saying that the organisation of Sexual (sorry Section) events was very much a team effort led by the BW's of the day. Ted asked for members to let him know of any issues they would like raised at the Club Conference in March and also if there were any questions from the floor. There were none.

Treasurer Andrew Honour said that the Section finances were in very good order and ran through the previously circulated Annual Account. He gave thanks to John Tudor for examining the accounts. Adoption of the accounts was proposed by Dennis Windows and seconded by Peter Parkinson. Accepted unanimously. Michael Marriage had agreed to be the new Examiner.

The Chairman said that all the existing Committee members, except Dennis Windows, were standing for re-election and read out the names; Simon Buck, Darren Collins, David Gray, Andrew Honour, Tony Leach, Dick Lees, Ted Meachem, Maurice Pitchford and David Steel. Additionally John Tudor had been nominated. In the absence of any further nominations, it was proposed that all the candidates be elected en bloc. Proposed by John Bray and seconded by June Hazell. Accepted unanimously.

Duncan Feetham   Under AOB Bernie Batchelor asked about a possible rally to Mulhouse, France in 2010. The Chairman replied that an interest flyer could be sent out next year.

Management Representative, Duncan Feetham then addressed the meeting giving congratulations to the Section for having, probably, the highest number of Wheels on Road. He went on to say that the National Rally site this year had been a little damp but that there were no thoughts of cancellation and in the end the ground did dry out very well. It was a very good rally especially with the Battle of Britain Memorial Fly Past. He said that the Walton Hall weekend had been very successful as had been the Club's attendance at the NEC Classic Car Show. Referring to Hunt House Duncan said that the new computer system, including setting up the server and programmes, had cost around £5,000 to date. However, this was financed by a very generous donation of £10,000 from the Isle of Man Section. The Club shop had been relocated on the ground floor. The Club had purchased a Silver Spur for the Chairman's official use from BMW at the vast expense of £1.00!

In 2008 the Club would be publishing a leather bound Year Book for each member but at no cost to the Club, possibly even producing an income. The Bulletin size was changing to A4 creating a cost saving around £20,000. Duncan thanked the Section for the hospitality and a most enjoyable AGM.

Tony thanked Duncan for attending and speaking at our AGM and then gave details of the lunch arrangements. The meeting closed at 12.25pm and members adjourned to the bar to allow the dining tables to be brought forward.

The Committee   Celebration cake
A traditional Christmas lunch was enjoyed by one hundred and twelve members with festive crackers and balloons. In celebration of our forty years the new Committee were photographed cutting a splendid birthday cake which was then cut up by the hotel staff and served to all members. Committee members then handed out the 'gift' for this year, a handy wind-up torch and a large (reusable) container of chocolates, per couple. The new Committee then posed for a photograph (for the next Magazine).

At a short meeting after the lunch, the new Committee elected Tony Leach as Chairman, Ted Meachem as Secretary and Andrew Honour as Treasurer.

Ted Meachem - Section Secretary

  Dennis blows
Dennis going out with a bang!            
Corinne, Ian and Jennifer   Tony's table
Photos: Ian Burt and Kanchu McAllister