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Chinthurst Farm, Bramley, Surrey - Sunday 5 August 2007

After the last minute cancellation of the 2007 Charterhouse South of England Rally, Central Southern, Surrey and SouthEastern Sections decided that in this fiftieth anniversary year of our Club it was essential that a South of England Rally should be held. Within one day of the cancellation we had been offered no less than five alternative venues (for the same day) but, unfortunately, the cancellation process had been put into action without consulting our three Sections. One of the venues offered was the premises of Montague and Company and so they were contacted, visited, date fixed and confirmed as the venue for the SoE Golden Jubilee Rally in less than four hours!

All the south of England Sections were contacted and they kindly agreed to include an entry form in their June mailings and to publicise the event on their websites. An advertisement was placed in the July Advertiser (due out in late June) and Hunt House quickly put a notice on the main Club website.

Nick Stow, of the Surrey Section, kindly agreed to supply and erect his large marquee for the rally. The Jazz Band and portable toilets were booked, Harwoods and RRMC Ltd both agreed to attend (unfortunately the Club shop were unable to attend as they would be packing up for their visit to the North of England Rally on 11 August). Judging trophies were located and their return arranged. All the usual 'management' team from the three Sections agreed to carry out their duties and so all the organisation was in place. In the weeks leading up to the rally Ian Williams, of Montague & Co, tended and cut the grass of his nine acre level field and around one hundred and forty Club cars had pre-booked.

On a beautiful sunny morning Martin Coomber and the SouthEastern Gate marshals manned the entrance, Trevor Yates and the Surrey marshals parked the arrivals along their carefully marked white lines, Darren Collins set up the Spares Stall in the marquee along with fiftieth anniversary articles from Hunt House. Montague & Co displayed five pre owned cars, Harwoods had no less than eight splendid Bentleys on display, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd displayed a new extended wheelbase Phantom and Bramleys of Kensington displayed two Continental Bentleys and a newish Phantom.

The Jazz Band played (and wandered), the Mr Whippy van (a now essential ingredient!) took up position and around another fifty motor cars arrived (in addition to the pre booked). Len Meades had set up the raffle prizes outside the marquee and ticket sales commenced. Volunteer judges traversed the motor car lines to find the recipients of the four annual trophies on offer. During all this activity the Secretary of the Meeting and the Clerk of the Course just stood around trying to look busy!

In the afternoon the trophies were duly presented by Suzanne Finch, our Club Chairman, and then the raffle was called.

All in all, and by all accounts, a very successful day enjoyed by everyone who attended. Our special thanks to our hosts, Montague & Company for sponsoring and providing the venue (and arranging such good weather) and to all the other unsung heroes who helped make the day such a success.

Ted Meachem - Section Secretary

Members motor cars.
The motor cars were lined up in order of arrival. At the front a beautiful RR 20hp and a Silver Ghost. And the Jazz Band played, and wandered.
The marquees.   Older RR cars.
The spares tent and Harwood's splendid Bentley display.   Some of the older Rolls-Royce cars on show.   Photos: Ian Burt