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We were wakened by a Force 6 southerly and rain coming down like park railings; a typical mid August day and only beneficial to really keen gardeners.

During breakfast we discussed the possibility of not turning up; but we had a list of 46 potential attendees including two ghosts and there must be a chance that someone would make it. Whilst the wind blew the scudding clouds away and the sailors round the Island, there appeared in the brightening gloom the Grandfather of new twin grand daughters and Chairman in his Turbo R. (For the engineers and technicians amongst you 8.2 and 7.9 pounds each). What leadership - and quickly followed by Peter Parkinson in a Corniche drophead. A quorum of three was soon followed by twenty-five members and their passengers to enjoy a breezy and rain-free day at Parham. One of the last to arrive was Andrew Honour in his recently purchased Bentley S3 Continental with Chinese eyes and tail fins to boot. But as the sun came out the very last was a GHOST - Ray Lockett in his 1912 immaculate machine and soon surrounded by a curious public.

Some of us walked up to the little church on the north side of the house whilst Clifton and Isabel Spencer drove their 1928 20 HP landaulette across the springy turf for a photo opportunity; their son had been married there sixteen years ago.

An enjoyable day but what a shame the other eighteen cars stayed at home.

Michael Marriage - Treasurer

Bentleys at Parham
The Bentley boys hog the show at Parham. Photo: Ian Burt