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Sunday 22 October 2006

Seventeen Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars with around twenty-seven members and friends visited the Roundstone Car Supercentre in Angmering in very wet conditions, but despite the weather the enthusiastic welcome to the warm and dry workshops and offices by Managing Director Brian Trigg, his daughter Dina and a number of their staff, very soon made up for the lack of 'climate control'! Dina and her helpers made sure that everyone was provided with tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival - a most welcome service that was to be available throughout the day.

Before the start of the day's programme members had plenty of time to view the immaculate modern service bays that dominate this establishment, and it would be fair to say that of all the many workshop venues we have visited these are second to none! You will find all the latest equipment here for dealing with most requirements in modern day motoring, and this includes the latest technology required for vehicle testing etc.

Our day started with an introduction to the staff by Dick Lees and then a welcome to our guest speaker, Tony James, who is RREC Club Spares Secretary and well known to most members. From eleven o'clock onwards it was a question of getting down to business and absorbing the wealth of information freely given by Tony in his role as chief instructor for the day. Many cars were inspected on the car ramps with members benefiting from the professional advice given regarding suggested repairs and/or replacement parts.

Ricky Davy, a member of the staff and a qualified DOT vehicle tester also made his services available and enlightened us on the full MOT test procedures and, despite some very searching questions, there was no way we were going to 'catch him out'! He really did have the whole testing business at his fingertips! All the MOT inspections are carried out in their own special bay, and here again members were able to have their cars elevated for the purpose. With the aid of Peter Jupe's R Type, Doug Groves demonstrated the fitment of one of his own designed and manufactured power steering kits that he has developed over the last couple of years. About six of these are already fitted to members' cars. He also had on show the prototype rotary 2-stroke engine which he is currently developing; this project being purely an engineering exercise and never likely to go into production! Nevertheless, some members found this interesting.

Two periods had been allocated for questions and open discussion, one before lunch and one after, and led again by Tony James in the lecture room. This was particularly interesting, with one part being devoted to the description of useful tools with the odd funny story thrown in for good measure.

Lunch was served at one o'clock in the form of a full buffet, and there was plenty for all. We were very pleased to see a number of ladies supporting the event and, although they were whisked away by Pauline Pitchford to do a little Christmas shopping in the local garden centres, they graced us with their company for lunch, which was all very nice. It didn't seem to matter that it was pouring with rain outside as the day inside seemed to pass all too quickly, with just time at the end for the results of the written questionnaires to be checked and then a final cup of tea before departing for home. All in all, a most enjoyable day and certainly one with sufficient technical input to satisfy most.

Our thanks must go once again to Brian Trigg and his daughter, Dina, and also to Phil Wood, workshop manager for whom nothing was too much trouble, and Ricky (MOT) Davy too, all of whom made us so welcome and gave up their day so that we might enjoy ours. Finally, our grateful thanks to Tony James for travelling all the way from Towcester and giving us such an interesting and informative insight into our favourite cars, and to Dick Lees and Doug Groves for organising the event.

Ralph Taylor - Member

Display of cars   Some of the oder models.
Display at Roundstone Car Centre.   Some of the older models at Roundstone.
Classroom session.   Peter Dupe's R Type.
Tony James during the question and answer session.   Peter Jupe's R Type raised for inspection.
Photos:Andrew Honour