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Sunday 9 July 2006

It was just the perfect day! A lovely selection of Royce's and Bentley's, along with a few MG's in the car park. Good company, beautiful English countryside, an excellent lunch washed down with a good bottle of Veuve Clicquot and all the excitement and energy of some splendid Polo. Is there a better way of spending a summer's afternoon?

The day began with rain and a strong wind, but as the hamper was packed and the champagne chilled we couldn't not go. As if the gods were looking down upon us, by lunch time the sun came out to dry the field and put a smile on the faces of all there.

This was my first experience of a Polo event and it certainly will not be the last. As some of us had been bored with the monotony of football for the past few weeks, what a change it made to see some real men play a gentleman's sport. Polo captivates the imagination in a way only rivalled by the racing of classic cars; glamorous, adventurous and highly competitive. Played well it's a pure spectacle. Even my young sons Hector (4) and Frederick (3) were engaged by the speed, adrenaline and sound of the game, a mass of horses galloping to the ball... pure magic.

As with all these events half of the fun is walking the car park and talking to other members, and on that day I had the choice of thirty-four cars to choose from for my 'dream' garage. A personal favourite was the 20hp, belonging to a gentleman and his lovely wife. That would please my father, as back in the late fifties he had a splendid 20/25. He sold it as it was too big to teach my mother to drive in... he replaced it with the newly launched Jaguar MK 7, and my poor mother never mastered the skills of driving.

I would like to thank the organisers for a splendid day and introducing me to such an exciting game especially the kind couple (reg no RR 1993) who lent us a deck chair. You may not have realised that you saved the day, as I had totally forgotten to pack ours.

Andrew Jenkins - Section Member

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Photos: Andrew Jenkins