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Sunday 11 June 2006

The rally was organised by David and Anne Steel, and some twenty-eight Club cars assembled on the parade ground of the Fort, built in the time of Queen Victoria on the instruction of Lord Palmiston to defend the dockyard in Portsmouth against the French.

Fort Nelson was built at a cost of £68,000, so we were told on one of the conducted tours, a huge sum of money when the average working man took home a few shillings a week as his pay. There is a vast selection of artillery pieces on view including the steel tubes taken from Iraq, suspected of being capable of sending ordinance hundreds of miles on the orders of the dictator, who now languishes in a jail awaiting trial. The Fort was never needed for the purpose it was intended although it was used in WWII to store ammunitions etc.

Most members enjoyed having lunch at the Powder Keg Café and catching up with other people enjoying the day out on the hottest day of the year, so far. Our thanks to David, who was unwell and had to leave early, and Anne for the organisation.

Tony Leach - Section Chairman

Fort Nelson arena 1   Fort Nelson arena 2
Armoured car   Members' cars   Firing demonstration
Photos: Kanchu McAllister